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Just noticed this review on Amazon for “The 11th Demon: The Ark of Chaos”:

Hennigan continues his series that brings supernatural fiction back to its roots. Before the fascination with vampires and the like, back in the day authors like Frank Perretti were writing about the supernatural wars. Those tales are somewhat dated now, but Hennigan’s Jonathan Steel, demon hunter, is bringing a more realistic feel to the battle between good and evil. Here, in book 3, each character is presented in the first person. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The author also manages once again to weave in a few discucsions on issues of religion without coming across as a lecture. Yes, the author writes from a Christian perspective, but doesn’t every author write from their belief system? It’s all on how they present it, and many want to hit you over the head with it, yet the religion-haters complain if Christian authors don’t put a disclaimer on the book. Nonetheless, this is a solid series that most supernatural fans will enjoy. Hopefully the series will continue to go upwards in terms of conflict and peeling back the veil from evil. And, of course, it is always best to start with book 1.


Check it out at this link.

Fighting The Christmas Blues!


I have a confession.

I suffer from depression.

It has been a constant companion my entire adult life. Sometimes, it is quiescent, hiding away in some dark corner of my mind. It seems at times that it is patiently waiting for me to be at my happiest, most joyful, most peaceful frame of mind before it pounces from its den. When it comes, it doesn’t always sneak up on me. Most of the time, I can feel its hot breath on the back of my neck and I get this feeling of dread as if something horrendous is about to happen. It is then it hurls its dark, cold arms about me and pulls me under; smothering me with joylessness and despair. My energy is sapped away like some greedy sponge soaking up droplets of water in the desert.

As you can tell, I’m very familiar with depression. And, this time of the year I fight it every moment of every day. In fact, I haven’t posted a blog on this website since Thanksgiving. Why? I’ve been barely keeping my head above water! Sometimes, I feel like I’m just barely surviving. It seems I’ve been in survival mode far too long. But, it’s Christmas and I want to do more than just survive. I want to thrive!

For many of you suffering from depression, this is the hardest time of the year. So, I want to suggest something. Do more than just survive. Thrive! And here are some strategies I talk about in our book for helping you get through these tough times.

First, find a creative outlet. Wait, Bruce. I don’t have a creative bone in my body! If you have an imagination, you have creativity. Don’t sell yourself short. Got created us in His image and He is the Creator. For this Christmas season, try creating a gift for your loved ones. It may only be a cut and paste Christmas card or print out your favorite Bible verse and frame it. There are many outlets for creative endeavors. And, using the part of your brain that is creative counteracts the part of your brain that is wallowing in depression. For instance, this year I decided to do something very creative for my family. It has to do with music and writing and story and images. I can’t talk about it because they might read this! Once I’ve surprised them with it, I’ll tell you all about it! And guess what? After getting into this project the first of November, I discovered that creature, depression has stayed mostly in its cave.

Second, turn off the tech. This may sound somewhat contradictory at first. But, just because we are connected doesn’t mean we are communicating. Our technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever. But, in the process, it has left us more isolated than ever. So, turn off the tech and engage in the real world for a change. Go for a walk outside. Read a REAL book. Go to a Christmas concert or musical and listen to LIVE music! And, while you are at it, meet up with REAL people. Which leads me to number three.

Third, take those virtual relationships I talked about above and make them REAL relationships. Go to church and worship with others. Find a Bible study group and participate. Make an effort to repair those damaged relationships with those people you are dreading to meet at Christmas time. My wife has met many friends online playing bridge and she has turned many of those connections into real, lasting friendships. This past March, we traveled to New Zealand at the invitation of one of my wife’s friends and made friends with Alex and Grant for a lifetime.

These are just a few suggestions on taking those holiday blues and turning those frowns upside down into smiles.

And, for a moment, pause and remember that God, the Creator of our universe, made himself a tiny baby. That baby was born to a peasant woman in the tiny, obscure town of Bethlehem in the darkest time of mankind’s history. Reflect on the love God had for you! Christmas is for you! And me! And, all of us loved by God. That should make you smile! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Don’t forget to order your copies of the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel in time for Christmas delivery at And if you are suffering from depression or know someone who is, check out conquering for information on ordering our newest book, “Hope Again: A 30 Day Play for Conquering Depression”.

A Disney Christmas!

I just returned from a six day trip to Walt Disney World. Every other December, I take my immediate family to Disney World in Florida. The trip is normally for me to attend an annual radiology educational meeting. This year, I chose to take to take my family for fun and joy. Going in December to Disney World is not for the faint of heart. It is one of the most crowded times of the year. This year was no exception.

There are some definite events we attend on these trips. We go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. This event is a special ticketed night in the park. We also attend the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT. Sometimes, we attend the Holiday version of the Hoop De Doo Revue at Fort Wilderness. We also see the light show on New York Street at Disney Hollywood Studios and sadly, this will probably be the last year for that event.


As a Christian, Christmas is a very important event for me. It is a time to pause and celebrate the birth of the Savior, MY Savior. I usually begin my Christmas celebration on November 1st when I begin listening to my Christmas music. Each year, I collect new albums and recordings of Christmas music. I was so excited to listen to Z88.3 on the FM radio in Orlando. This year, this predominantly Christian music station chose to play Christmas music, both secular and Christian around the clock.

Unlike past years, I don’t sense a great war on Christmas this year. Merry Christmas is displayed in public places, stores, and in the park. The political correctness that threatened to remove the name of Christ from Christmas celebrations in the public sphere seems to have backed off a bit. However, I was disappointed at the changes in the ending of the Candlelight Processional with the removal of the powerful poem, “One Solitary Life”. And yet, I have to continue to be excited that the scriptures of the birth of Christ are read in their entirety during the wonderful musical presentation of the Candlelight Processional. The Gospel is still proclaimed loudly each year in the Disney parks through this event. This year, we once again had the opportunity to have Edward James Olmos as our narrator in a very moving and touching reading of the Nativity account from the Bible.

And, at the lights on New York Street, there is always the quiet corner where the Nativity is portrayed for all the world to see.

There are themes that resonate from the Gospel accounts. Peace. Joy. Goodwill to all Men. Kindness. Love. Amazement at the wonders of our universe when the star is seen in the night.

This year was no exception and I enjoyed a wonderful week with my family during this holiday season. No matter what your religious affiliation or lack of any commitment to the world of the supernatural, I don’t think any of us can disagree with the need for more Peace, Joy, and Goodwill to All Men. If you do not know the Savior, at least know these virtues transcend all worldview and we need more and more of those values in our daily lives.

May you find true Joy, Peace, and Hope again in this Christmas season.

As always, if you are looking for Christmas gifts, check out my Chronicles of Jonathan Steel books at and our new depression book, “Hope Again” at

Avoid the Black Friday Blues!

Escape from the confusion of Black Friday. Go to and order any or all three of the books in the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel. I have a special sale on for the holiday.

Or if you are suffering from depression or know someone who is, order them a copy of “Hope Again: A 30 Day Plan for Conquering Depression” along with a set of Life Filters at

Thanks to all of my readers for their support. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!




I love to write. I love to just sit in front of a blank screen and bleed all over the page. There are snippets and gouges and puzzle piece bits of story saved all over my hard drives. Sometimes I see a file with an intriguing title and open it up to find a little nugget of gold I had forgotten I had written. More often than not, however, I open a file and find a little rat pill.

Not everything I write is worth saving. Not everything I write deserves your attention. Like excessive adverbs! I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series but I don’t believe there is a single adverb in the English lexicon that J. K. Rowling failed to use in her book series. But, when you’ve sold billions of dollars worth of books, you can pretty much write anyway you want.

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Tip #3: MAKE time to write!

Tip #3: You Don’t FIND time to write, you MAKE time to write!

My good friend Marilyn once asked me how I found the time to write. I simply replied, “you don’t find time to write, you make time to write.” This wasn’t a lesson I learned from John Maxwell. This is a lesson self taught. I mentioned in a previous post about being a dreamer versus making your dream come true. As I pondered on HOW I could make a novel come true, I stumbled across NANOWRIMO which begins TODAY.


National Novel Writing Month helps you fulfill that DREAM of finishing a novel in one month. When I first learned of this method, I tried it out. I failed. But, the next July after completing “Conquering Depression” with Mark Sutton in the summer of 1999, I set aside the month of August to write a novel. I started it on day one and finished it on day 31. That novel became “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye”.

Since then, I have learned these powerful lessons:

Make Writing a PRIORITY not only for yourself, but your family unit. Read the rest of this entry

A Taste of “The 10th Demon”

I’m pushing my book series for Halloween. Scary books with demons and vampires and ghouls and . . . well go the order page and check them out! And, for those of you who are faithful readers here is Chapter One of the upcoming “The 10th Demon: Children of the Bloodstone”



7:46 A.M. CDT

Quantum flux surveillance

Grimvox Mammalian Neural Interface

Subspecies “Canine”


Chapter 2


“Animals, especially dogs and cattle . . . have shown noticeable agitation in the presence of UFO phenomenon.”

Hugh Ross


“So, this here lady says she’s lost her ‘Poopems’?” Theo King asked Jonathan as they stood on the perfect lawn of the small house. In contrast to the tiny gnome guarding the flowers around the front porch, Theophilus Nosmo King towered over six and one half feet tall and tipped the scales at three hundred fifty pounds. Very little of his mass was fat. He wore a black and gold Saints football jersey and long athletic pants. He pulled off his sunglasses and wiped sweat from his face. “Who would call their husband Poopems?”

Jonathan Steel put a piece of gum in his mouth and looked up at his partner. “We are what we do.”

“Ah, I get it. He’s like Cephas. The old man shouldn’t eat cabbage.”

“He likes cabbage.”

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Tip #2: Don’t Be a Dreamer!


We all have dreams.

I had a friend years ago who has since passed away, sadly at the age of 38 from lung cancer. He was one of the most creative people I have ever met. Every day, he would call me at work and start off our conversation with:

“Bruce, I have this great idea!” At which point he would share with me what really was an incredible idea! I would get excited about his idea and as the day progressed I would begin to unpack the idea and come up with ways to make the idea a reality. By the time evening came, this idea had become more than a gestating thing for me.

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Writing Tip #1: Yes, Say “NO”!

9781490813882_COVER.inddIt’s been a while since I posted on my own website. I’ve been busy over at that other site,  promoting our new book, “Hope Again: A 30 Day Plan for Conquering Depression”. I just received a letter from my warehouse and I need to move many more of my copies of “The 11th Demon: The Ark of Chaos” if I want to put out the next book by the spring. So, here is the deal. I’ve now officially published four books since 2011 and for the next few posts I want to share with my readers some tips I learned about the process of finally getting that book on the shelves. These tips came to me over the past 20 years and they apply not only to publishing but to any creative endeavor.

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Seeing Cancer in 3D!

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As a radiologist, I am very tuned in to breast cancer awareness. I read mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and breast MRI every day. It is part of my overall job as a radiologist.

In May 2013 I attended a breast imaging conference in Tampa Bay, Florida. During that conference, there was much discussion of a new technology known as tomosynthesis. This alternate form of mammography had just been approved by the FDA. As I watched the images stream before my eyes I was astonished!

Trying to read mammograms is a huge challenge. We have performing mammography, or Xray images of the breast since the 1960’s. In the past fifty years radiologists have tried and tried to come up with newer technology. You see, regular mammograms are the best test we have to detect early breast cancer. But, mammograms are not 100% accurate. In fact, most radiologists would gladly trade reading mammograms for anything that would give better results. The problems is, we just haven’t been able to find anything.

Until now.

Tomosynthesis is also known as 3D breast imaging. The technology is astonishingly simple but only now possible due to technological advances in computer processing. In this new form of imaging of the breast, the Xray tube moves through a 15 degree arc above the patient’s breast over 4 seconds. The series of exposures is then processed to produce “slices” through the breast. It’s like leafing through the pages of a book.

Did you get that? The amount of imaging time is the same as 2D mammography we have been performing for years. In fact, the radiation dosage is less than twice that of a normal mammogram. But, the results are astonishing!

Look back at my previous posts and you can watch my videos regarding this new technology. But, let me tell you that 3D breast imaging is allowing us to pick up to 50% more early invasive breast cancers than before. And, these early forms of breast cancer are small enough to actually allow us to decrease the death rate from breast cancer!

I am part of the Willis Knighton Health Care System here in the Shreveport – Bossier City area and I am proud to be a part of the launch of this new kind of mammography beginning last week on October 1. We are now performing 3D breast imaging at our Willis Knighton Pierremont outpatient breast clinic. Soon, Willis Knighton Bossier will have this technology and then, before the end of the year, Willis Knighton South will come on line. Already, we are seeing amazing results from this new technology just in one week!

Women, pay attention. If you have put off having your first mammogram or having that yearly followup mammogram, contact your doctor and see if it is time for you to have your first 3D mammogram. Let’s put an end to breast cancer!


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