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Hitting “Pause”

These are discouraging days indeed.

Since 2001, I have authored six books, technically 8 in all. Four of these books are fiction and two of them were originally self published then published by a major traditional publishing house. The other two non-fiction books continue to sell. They are about depression. And, depression is certainly rampant in today’s culture.

Being published has been a dream I have pursued for the last forty years. I have achieved that dream and, yet, I have made practically no money from my writing. The publishing world has changed. Kindle and ebooks rewrote the playbook and major publisher are still trying to figure out to stay alive and avoid the fate of your local bookstores and national book store chains.

I cannot continue to write books without making at least some money to justify the time it takes to produce a book. A novel is at least two years in the making. I had hoped that one day I could leave my day job and write full time. Like thousands of authors like myself, the reality of today’s publishing world has hit home particularly hard. Good authors with powerful stories and important messages are being silenced by the reality around them.

So, here it is. I’m taking a break from writing. My Jonathan Steel Chronicles has come to a satisfying stopping point with the fourth book. My original plan was to have three sets of a “quadrilogy” with each set of four books unveiling more of his growing story of spiritual warfare. The story has only just begun but reality has made me pause. I want to thank my faithful readers for purchasing the first four books. I am hoping that in the coming year as I evalutate my writing future, I may find the time and energy away from my increasingly demanding medical job (thank you Obamacare for allowing me the privilege to work four times harder for less and less income!) to continue the story. I hope I will have that opportunity and frankly, I have turned to the Lord’s will for the future of writing.

I will continue to promote my depression book, “Hope Again” as the reward from that book is far from monetary. Mark Sutton and I receive emails every week from someone who found our book and believed it “saved” their life. This kind of success surpasses any other form or renumeration. Please continue to encourage anyone you know who is depressed to check out our book on

I will continue to post on this website and blog in the future. I still have much to say about this hopeless, helpless culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian faith. Thank you again for all of your support.

Bruce Hennigan

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