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New Feature

Hey, guys, we are trying to find different ways to make our books available. Check out Mark Sutton’s new book at this link.

78 Years Ago, a Day That Will Live in Infamy.

Four elderly men stood before me. They had asked to talk to me and I was very, very nervous. One of them was shaking with emotion and all I could think of was somehow I had offended them with something I had written in the play they had just seen.

My Father in 2005

Let me explain.

In 1993, I was the director of the drama ministry at Brookwood Baptist Church. We produced four dinner theaters a year and my staff liaison requested we sell season tickets for the 1994 season. I was growing tired of writing, directing, and producing plays with a rural flair. I wanted something more modern and urban. I decided on the three plays leading up to our holiday dinner theater for 1994. Then, I wrote down a simple explanation for the fourth play, “The Night Gift”. It would take place in an urban setting, a newly constructed high rise in downtown with a penthouse office.

The members of that office would find themselves stuck in the penthouse office on Christmas Eve and in the process discover they didn’t get along as well as they thought. That was it. A simple story. I would worry about the details later and write the play sometime during the summer of 1994 in time for the holiday dinner theater.

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Tailgate with Mark Sutton!

Well, it happened. When Mark and I planned his book signing to launch his new book, “Pitfall”, I was afraid there might be a ball game that day. And, now, of course, we all want to see LSU beat the stuffing out of Georgia.

So, we have moved Mark’s book signing back by one hour so you can run by and visit with Mark and Donna and pick ups some really great books for yourself and for Christmas presents. Mark will have his new book, “Pitfall” available. We will also have copies of our “Hope Again” book on depression in a special package with Deluxe LifeFilters. And, I will have all of my books available, especially my Christmas book, “The Homecoming Tree”.

Check out this link for more information. So come by for complementary coffee, drinks, and snacks and then get home in time for the kickoff (Or, if you want to visit longer, you should make it home by the end of the first quarter!) Hope to see you there!

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