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The Homecoming Feast

A long time ago, in a church far away . . .

In the late 1980s and early 1990s at Brookwood Baptist Church, Bruce Edwards, our associate pastor, formed a drama team. Bruce passed away recently and I have been thinking about all the dramas he pulled off.

One year, he handed me a script. It was a copy of a copy of a Mimeograph of the script, “The Living Last Supper”. The author’s name was obscure and the date on the script was 1953. Bruce assured me the author was dead and it was okay to update and modernize the script. His plan was to use the script not only as performance for Maundy Thursday, but to utilize our deacons as the actors.

Deacons? He actually thought that deacons could pull this off? We would need twelve deacons and, of course, the part of Jesus Christ. But, true to Bruce’s persuasive personality, he found 12 deacons who agreed to be a part of the performance.
The following weeks were unbelievable! As deacons, we all pulled together. We had devotions, prayer times, rehearsals and a special dinner with our wives. And the night of the performance was lightning in a bottle! The response was incredible.
“The Deacon Led Living Last Supper” continued for a few years until Bruce left Brookwood and I took over as the drama leader. Brookwood had entered the 21st century and the Living Last Supper had lost some of its unique quality. But our pastor, Mark Sutton, wanted us to perform an updated version in our new campus.

There had been an idea bouncing around inside my head. The original script ends with Jesus’ betrayal. The disciples all asked the question, “Is it I?” And Jesus tells the disciples he will not eat with them again until they are reunited in heaven.
Aha! I had an idea. I could do a “sequel” to the script. In this followup, the stage would not open with the disciples sitting at the upper room table as in the famous painting of the Last Supper. Rather, the table would be empty but replete with food and drink. Jesus appears and silently awaits as one by one, the apostles appear in heaven in the order in which they died.
Each apostle would tell the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. They would then talk of the birth of the church and complete the story begun in the original script. They would each share the price they paid for following Christ.
But what to do with Judas’ seat? I could put the apostle chosen to take his place but what if we allowed someone to have the empty seat who most deserved it? And so, Paul arrives and takes the seat.

The “Living Last Supper: The Homecoming Feast” was a success and we only performed it once. I moved on from drama and posted my dramas here on this website under the “Flip Side” tab.

To my amazement, every year I get multiple requests for the scripts for both “The Living Last Supper” and “The Homecoming Feast”. Several years ago I was contacted by someone who pointed out the author was still alive! I pulled the original script and put a disclaimer on my site. I never want to be accused of plagiarism.
However, “The Homecoming Feast” is original and my script. But I do not charge for using it. If it can enlarge the Kingdom, then go for it, I tell any one requesting the script.

So, to my utter amazement, I received this email from Doug McCallum
Director of Senior Adult Ministries from St. Mark’s Methodist Church this past week:

Bruce: I can’t thank you enough. The production was a hit. A bases loaded bottom of the ninth homer over the fence. People were literally moved to tears. Jesus and the disciples received hugs, hand shakes and accolades for at least 30 minutes after the production out in the hallway from strangers. I have received e-mails, letters and personal notes on how great it was – even the Sr. Pastor came up to me and said “UNBELIEVABLE – WOW!.

Well Bruce – With Gods help I found 12 men who were perfect. Who had never acted before but were devout Christians and couldn’t say NO to me even though 5 wanted to I found out later. I hired a theater major to play Jesus who just happens to be a minister in another denomination. See pictures. He was unbelievable.

All I can tell you – It was the most incredible thing we have ever done in the Methodist Church. People are still raving about it weeks later.

So to you Sir. Thank you for allowing me and our crew to do your works. We did you proud and God said, “Well Done Good and Faithful Servants!

I was stunned and amazed at how God continues to work with those things we have forgotten or put aside. His Word will NEVER return to Him void! Well done, Doug and all of the cast and crew that made this possible. Perhaps, one day, we will appear at that feast in heaven and hear those words! I can only hope!

“You Saved My Life”

The story of our book continues to baffle and amaze me. Back in 2019, we learned that the second version of our book was no longer in print. B&H Publishing never let us know and I was trying to order copies for a seminar. That day, I realized our two books had an amazing run since the first book, “Conquering Depression” came out in February 2001. I spoke with Mark and concluded that maybe it was time to put the book to rest. An hour after our conversation, I checked my email and got this:

“Thank you for changing my life and for the tools provided to continue life. I was very close to giving up, your book made [me] change my mind and fight the darkness, with God’s help, forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you L*****e M****s, South Africa

May 17, 2019 5:34 AM”

South Africa! Somehow our book had made it into the hands of someone in South Africa. And, according to them, it “saved my life”! I immediately sent the email on to Mark Sutton and called him up. The result of that conversation was to proceed with a third edition of the book with about 40% new content published by our little independent publishing company.

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Uniquely Created in Christ!


It is my pleasure to share that I am participating in a Free-online Summit:  Becoming Confidently Unique (In Christ). More on this shortly, let me ask you a few things first. 







Have you felt those words apply to you at any time?

Do you feel like you just do not fit in and fit the cliche of being a round peg in a square hole? 

Do you find yourself keeping things to yourself at Church because they just will not ‘Get it’?

Maybe you just do not darken the door of the church, because…

Would you like to hear from people who have felt the same way at some point in their life?

Would you like to hear from individuals who recognize they are unique and as such exceptional, rather than flawed, broken, or cursed? 

 I want to introduce you to my friend Dr. Tim Blake, a unique man of God I have had the privilege to meet. He cares about people who experience being and living in ways different than what is considered “normal.” He believes the answer to confidence if found in Christ—moving from shame, isolation, and loneliness to true peace, connection, and happiness.   Wonderful to think of and even more when you have experienced such!

So here is the deal, he put together the free online summit that will air from 5/8/2023 to 5/22/2023. 

He has 28 inspired unique individuals who gained confidence in Christ and embraced their exceptionality. 

Come join us here:  

I will be participating in a special interview online. Available soon!


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