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Uniquely Created in Christ!


It is my pleasure to share that I am participating in a Free-online Summit:  Becoming Confidently Unique (In Christ). More on this shortly, let me ask you a few things first. 







Have you felt those words apply to you at any time?

Do you feel like you just do not fit in and fit the cliche of being a round peg in a square hole? 

Do you find yourself keeping things to yourself at Church because they just will not ‘Get it’?

Maybe you just do not darken the door of the church, because…

Would you like to hear from people who have felt the same way at some point in their life?

Would you like to hear from individuals who recognize they are unique and as such exceptional, rather than flawed, broken, or cursed? 

 I want to introduce you to my friend Dr. Tim Blake, a unique man of God I have had the privilege to meet. He cares about people who experience being and living in ways different than what is considered “normal.” He believes the answer to confidence if found in Christ—moving from shame, isolation, and loneliness to true peace, connection, and happiness.   Wonderful to think of and even more when you have experienced such!

So here is the deal, he put together the free online summit that will air from 5/8/2023 to 5/22/2023. 

He has 28 inspired unique individuals who gained confidence in Christ and embraced their exceptionality. 

Come join us here:  

I will be participating in a special interview online. Available soon!


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