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Book Reviews for “The 12th Demon: Mark of the Wolf Dragon”:

In the current fascination with supernatural fiction with fashionable vampires and their confused morals, it is refreshing to see a novel focusing on the evil that lies in such worlds. There are fantasy elements in this book and I found it far better than some of the older demon-novels in “Christian fiction.” I would suggest starting with the first book (this is the second in the series) if you haven’t already.  As with that one, there are some direct references to Hugh Ross and his Beyond the Cosmos. I think Bruce’s books could have appeal outside of the Christian market, though I doubt the publisher is marketing as such.

Thoughts of a Sojourner

I had the good fortune to review Bruce Hennigan’s first book in this series, The 13th Demon, when it was published. I liked what I read, and was very happy to see the second book pop up as available to review in an email.

This book is even better than the first book. There is a vampire craze going on nowadays in movies, books, and TV shows. They all glorify vampires and make them out to be something they aren’t. It is unusual to read a book where they are portrayed as evil and demonic, and not having any good qualities. I have to think that if they really did exist, that they would most likely be closer to what this book portrays them as, rather than the Twilight type.


Advanced Praise for “The 12th Demon: Mark of the Wolf Dragon”

Bruce Hennigan has done it again. The Twelfth Demon is everything a good suspense novel should be and will have you realizing you’ve been holding your breath for way too long. Interesting characters, a plot that speeds along, and a message you can ponder for a very long time convince me of two things…The Twelfth Demon is a hit, and Bruce Hennigan is the real deal.

—Mike Dellosso  Author of Frantic, Darkness Follows, and Scream

“Jonathan Steel fans rejoice! Bruce Hennigan is back with a quick-paced thriller, chock-full of action, plot twists, and some great slam-bang monster action. The Twelfth Demon is a fun read that puts a fascinating new spin on the vampire genre.” —Greg Mitchell, author of The Strange Man and Enemies of the Cross

“Bruce Hennigan’s The Twelfth Demon is the redemptive answer to books like the Twilight Saga.” —Mike Yorkey, coauthor of Chasing Mona Lisa and the Every Man’s Battle series

Recent Reviews from the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for “The 13th Demon”:

New Review from apologist, speaker, and author, Mike Licona: Last night I finished reading your new book. It was awesome!!! I can’t
wait for The 12th Demon to come out next year! My wife saw how much I was
into reading your book and said, “I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten
into that novel. It must be really good. I want to read it!” You’re a fantastic writer, Bruce.

Mike Licona

This book is not for the faint of heart! A rare thing it is for me to pick up a book that I do not put down till it is read from cover to cover, but this is one of them. I read The 13th Demon Alter of the Spiral Eye in three hours. I would have gone to bed, since I started it so late at night, but this book has enough of the Spirit Realm in it that I knew better than to sleep with out having read the ending.

The introduction soon leaves off into the main stories and it just never lets up. The action in the physical and spiritual realms never lets up, nor the plot, nor the draw that is felt to the main characters. I can tell you that Bruce Hennigan has a great grip on demons, and humans. I thought it was very witty to tie the Aztex and Incas into the story, and then how it all ties up in that one artifact that was quite evil. I frankly remember my reaction to such “art” when I studied it in college, along with my being as equally repelled by human sacrifice as were the Christians in this book.

I hope to not offend Mr. Hennigan should he ever read my review, but I found the movie like write up reminiscent of Silent Hill. That is  movie I wound up watching by “accident” and one that has no Christian content other than Hell and being lost eternally in a lot of horrors, but the wild and sometimes unpredictable demonic manifestations are just as dramatic. In that aspect I am sure this would scare the dear “blue haired Grandmothers” of certain denominations to bits! However, for those of us who have seen “too much”, we know we fight demons just as livid, just as real as they are in The 13th Demon on a regular basis. Some people just never see them with their physical eyes, and others of us do.


The 13th Demon was very well written and gets you hooked the moment you begin reading this book. The author, Bruce Hennigan is a very imaginative.

This story is about a man names Jonathan Steel, who can be called a, “demon exterminator.” Steel was struck down with a case of amnesia and remembers only one thing and that is that, “He is a man of God!”

The journey will begin within the first page, but where does one look to find the demons and to prevent evil?
Steel will help several people during his journey with demons and the Spiral Eye.  What caused Steel’s amnesia? Throughout the story he slowly gains his memory back, but will he completely gain his memory back? This story shows us the demons that we fight within and Steel will help others find Christ through a very different way. Will Jonathan keep his promises?  You have to read to find out.

While this is a good book and am looking forward to the next book in this series, I would recommend this book for young adults over 14. There are some images that are extremely graphic and probably would scare a younger child


It might seem odd to say that a Christian book is creepy, but this one was creepy – but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of it seems a stretch of what demons would and could actually do, but then I am no expert on that matter, so the events in the book could very well happen.

The book does show through a fictonal story how real evil and the devil is, how powerful he is, and the lengths he will go through to destroy us.

This book was kind of like Frank Peretii’s early books on steroids. Not something you want to read before bedtime if you are prone to nightmares, but a great read. I liked his characters and the setting, and the book definitely held my inerest and I read it through in one evening.





A gripping look into the supernatural. Bruce Hennigan will keep you turning pages – each one a little scarier than the last. ~  Mike Yorkey, coauthor of Chasing Mona Lisa and the Every Man’s Battle series.

Bruce Hennigan’s “The Thirteenth Demon, Altar of the Spiral Eye” is a thrill-a-second ride and an impressive debut. Intense, gripping, suspenseful, and spooky; once you open the cover, the pages will fly. Carve out some time for this one . . . you’re gonna need it. ~ Mike Dellosso, Author of Scream and Darnkess Follows.

Once I started “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye,” I could hardly put it down! I just had to read one more page and suddenly I found it was three a. m. and I had to start work in four hours. I can hardly wait for the next Jonathan Steel book, “The 12th Demon”. ~ Joanne Benham for Reader Views

“The 13th Demon grabbed me from the first paragraph and wouldn’t let go until the end.  In between, I found myself identifying with both saints and sinners, delighting in angels and shrinking from demons.  I wondered how a captured Indian from South America 400 years ago could fit into a modern day story—and was thrilled when I discovered the answer.  In short, The 13th Demon is a great story that should hold anyone’s interest.  The characters it introduces will go the distance in a series—and I can’t wait to read more!”

Mark Sutton, author, Conquering Depression and Thirty Days to a Better Marriage

As you may surmise from the title, Bruce Hennigan’s debut novel deals with demonic manifestations and may not be appropriate for the faint of heart. On the other hand, The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye follows in the tradition of Frank Peretti’s breakout Christian novel This Present Darkness, which opened the door in Christian publishing for a vivid yet Biblical depiction of spiritual warfare in dimensions mostly imperceptible to humans. Hennigan’s novel is a gripping page-turner that lures readers from archaeological digs in Mexico to medieval Aztec altars of human sacrifice to a demonically possessed church in the Louisiana bayou. It’s Stephen King with a more hopeful outlook. ~ Inside the Cover Review, Heather Hunt

Looking for a page turner that you will not be able to put down, here it is.  Once you begin this one make sure you have time to finish or be prepared to be late to school, work, or where ever you may need to be.  This is a gripping page turner page after page from beginning to end. ~ Quality Book Reviews

I finally had a chance to read Dr. Bruce Hennigan’s novel, “The 13th Demon,” and I was at once creeped out and impressed by the story.

It’s not a book I would have normally picked up on my own, since its more in the horror/suspense realm, but since I had written about Hennigan and the novel, I wanted to see what it was all about. The book traces a man Jonathan Steel, who has severe amnesia but a great sense of faith. He goes on a quest to fight a particular demon.

When we talked, Hennigan said he had a hard time getting the book published because it was too Christian for secular publishers and too dark for Christian publishers. I can certainly see the dilemma. The story is not always pretty and simple, like you might think of Christian fiction. Hennigan’s descriptions of the demonic are frighteningly graphic, but appropriate to the story. He also deals with the many ways we are tempted. One of his goals was to convince people of the real, physical presence of demons and angels in the world, and I think he made a very good case.

It’s a great story and well written, so I would encourage any adult to read it. Hennigan promises a whole series around the character of Jonathan Steel, and I look forward to the next one.  ~ Every Day Faith

“The 13th Demon is absolutely hypnotic.  To say that it is “thrilling” is an understatement.  This book will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover.  The combination of fact and fiction is extraordinary.  The connection of yesterday and today—the past and the present—is enthralling.  The characters are real.  The emotions are real.  The reader will be touched by the story and it will linger in his heart long after the last page has been read.  The most extraordinary element of The 13th Demon is the vein that runs throughout the book.  A vein which is seeped in solid biblical truths, which causes the reader to look inward and examine himself—his spiritual beliefs and his eternal destiny.  The 13th Demon does more than tell an exciting story.  It will change your heart.”  ~ Sissy LaFon, editor, LifeWay


Altar of the Spiral Eye is a story about a man who endures pain physical, mental, and deeply emotional. However, spun through the descriptions of the characters and their actions lies a more intricate story that beckons the reader to consider the spiritual side of existence. The reader is challenged with the concept that if one believes in God, in ultimate good, then one must believe in ultimate evil. Here the reader meets ultimate evil in the character of the 13th demon, a being which has plagued Jonathan, choosing him for some as yet unknown reason. The demon has also chosen Ketrick, making Steel and Ketrick’s lives interwoven and predestined to collide.

Second, science and God do not conflict. God created science; science cannot exist without God. The author attempts to blend science and faith to illustrate how demons and angels exist in our world. He shows the extent of his research through backstory of Aztec mythology and physics (if you are wondering what Aztecs and physics have in common, you need to read the book).

Overall, this gritty story encourages the reader to examine personal beliefs. While some of the scenes are perhaps too descriptive, this may be attributed to the author’s attempt to pull no punches in discussing ultimate evil – it should be appalling. My personal religious beliefs make this story easily develop into a theological argument for the importance of both science and faith. However, the reader does not need a strong biblical background to enjoy the story. Hennigan still does a fairly good job of putting a story together that will captivate any reader. ~ Curled Up with a Good Book




I finished the book last night. It was great, Bruce!

I really enjoyed the mix of spirituality, history and science to give a

picture of a real God…the characters had to fight for their beliefs, and

that made it believable. There was no cookie-cutter Christianity. And that

was one trippy ending, for sure.

One of my favorite things about your writing is the relationships. Steel’s time with other characters was handled very tenderly and gracefully — his connection and pain were real and brought a sensitive side to his prowess.

~ J. J., Shreveport, Louisiana

I just finished the book.  I LOVED IT!  I am already ready for part two! What an exciting story this is… I could see the threads of sequels as I was reading.  This would make a wonderful movie, too!  The special effects would be fabulous!  Anyway, I had a blast reading it and it didn’t scare me too much. Yeah, right!

~ P. M., Austin, Texas

“I was on vacation with my sister and brother, reading The 13th Demon in the middle of the night when I screamed out loud!  It woke up everybody and they made me put the book away until morning.  Otherwise, I would have stayed up all night reading!  The book is an exciting and in-depth look at the power struggle of good versus evil.  This story shows how a handful of men and women whose beliefs in our Lord God can and will survive.  Very strong storytelling on the author’s part.  Excellent research on factual historical events.”

~ S. H., high school administrative assistant


The 13th Demon is one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read.  It realistically depicts the nature of angels, demons, and evil in a thrilling, mysterious setting.  I couldn’t put the book down and I learned something to boot!  I immediately decided I needed to go back and look at some of my preconceived notions about good and evil.  The book not only explored the issue of evil but touched on science and the nature of God.  What I really liked about the book was how it triumphed the infallible nature of the Bible as God’s Word.”

~ L. R., history and language arts middle school teacher


I have now read The 13th Demon  and liked it very much.  I look forward to Jonathan Steele’s next adventure.   You are certainly a talented writer and it is a blessing to know your testimony as well.  I am a reader and not only just plain liked the story but also appreciated some other things as well. Your analogy of the caterpillar and the butterfly, for example, was a wonderful contrast of this life with the next and touched me to tears as I read it.  I don’t know whether this was an original idea with you but even if it was not, you expressed it so beautifully. For a believer, such a picture would of great comfort in the loss of loved ones.

May God continue to bless and use you and your talent for His glory.  Who knows but that God might use Jonathan to touch and change lives.  Certainly Satan has great power but our God is well able to overcome.

G. H. Shreveport, Louisiana

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