Book Launch — A Few Pictures

I didn’t advertise the heck out of my book launch. I wanted it to be cozy and have a couple of dozen people show up. I planed it for our coffee shop, the Well, as one of their Friday night Events. But, over 100 people showed up and I signed 91 books! I consider that an amazing response. I want to thank all my friends who showed up to kick off the release of “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye”. The evening started with the book signing followed by my introduction of the ink*well. Then we drew cards for prizes: an iPad2, a Nook touch, a Kindle, and two book collections for aspiring writers as well as a few of my new tee shirts.

We had a “Southern Baptist open bar” with all the coffee and soft drinks and luscious snacks and pastries anyone wanted to eat. After the prizes, I spoke for about 25 minutes on “One Book’s Journey: Getting Published in the 21st Century”. I met so many wonderful people and the evening was just grand! Thank you again for coming. Here are just some of the pictures:

The line lasted for an hour!!!!

My Daughter Casey and her "sister" Sarah Sutton!

What a Wonderful Crowd!

My friend, Magdy channeling the Doctor

My friend Keith Johnston who I have not see in 30 years!

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow and on my Facebook page.

My two best friends, Ronnie Page and Mark Riser

My wife's good friends -- My new Muses!

Signing the book!

The Prize Table

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  1. Jonathan Steel is a combination of the series 24, The Unit, Crown of Thrones, and Jurraisaic Park–the question is who will play Steel in the movie version!!!!!! This is the Godfather series for thoses who understand “Omerta”.


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