Chronicles of Jonathan Steel on Sale!

I am slowly recovering from a herniated disc in my neck. It causes extreme pain and has incapacitated my right hand — my typing/writing hand! There is nothing worse for an author than to NOT be able to write! I can’t even write in long hand!!!


So, to keep things short. I had intended on posting a series on angels but alas, that is now by the wayside. Instead, I want to encourage you to check out my alternative website for the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel. Easiest way to get there is at On this new website, you can read about my three books, including the latest, “The 11th Demon: Ark of the Demon Rose”. You can also order the books directly from me at a discount rate: $10 for one book, two for $18, and all three for $25 (plus shipping and handling)!


But hurry, as Christmas is now just over a week away! I’ll sign the book for you and if you buy the book(s), I’ll send you an email acknowledging your order and ask if you want the book personalized.


Hopefully, my hand will get better as the week progresses and I can post those angel blogs!

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