The Holidays are Here?!?

I’m facing major surgery on December 4th. That’s just three days short of the anniversary of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Whenever this time of year approaches, I jump into full Christmas mode beginning on November 1. But, this year will be different. Christmas celebration for us will be dialed back a bit.

So, I have already put up our “Homecoming Tree”. It is not yet decorated and sits in our living room waiting for its mantle of shiny decorations. This year, Sherry has decided to dig out all of our vintage Precious Moments decorations. Some of these date back 40 years! Decorating the tree will be quite nostalgic!

I guess it is fitting that this is the year I release my novelization of “The Homecoming Tree”, a play I wrote and directed at Brookwood Baptist Church in 2005. In looking back through my photographs of that play, I found one of my father. Sean, my son, took those photos on black and white film and when we developed them, yes, developed them — not digital, the developing process left artifacts on the photographs. These artifacts resembled what you would see on a genuine old film. Here is the photograph of my father as he is looking up at the set for the play.

My Daddy insisted on recording a song for the play. He wanted to sing, “There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere”, a song original sung by Kate Smith. If you don’t know Kate Smith, Google her and see what an amazingly BIG talent she was. My father even helped paint some of the flats for the play. The play premiered in November, 2005 just 15 months after my mother passed away. My father was still mourning her death and at the age of 91, he was trying to “reinvent” himself.

I hope I have that opportunity at 91 to even be able to consider reinventing myself! All of this reminiscing around the play and my father who passed away in 2012 has brought a poignancy to this holiday season. I am now 63 years old, and as Captain Picard said in his first Star Trek movie, “there are fewer days ahead than those we left behind”. Or, something like that.

Thus, the legacy of my parents and their generation is memorialized in the book, “The Homecoming Tree”. It is now available on Amazon in both print and ebook format. It would make an excellent Christmas present as the story it tells is inspirational and redemptive. I encourage you to pick up a copy and not only read it, but share it with friends and family. For, that is what the book is all about — friends and family.

The last of my mother’s sisters, Aunt Billie June, passed away a few weeks ago. There is now no one left of my mother’s siblings nor my father’s siblings. Their generation weathered the Great Depression and delivered this world from a horrific evil during World War II. Their generation understood sacrifice and the true nature of evil — that is must be fought and banished wherever it is found.

In this holiday season as I face the same surgery my father underwent decades ago, I am warmed and encouraged by the fact I have a great, loving family steeped in the traditions and wisdom of my parents. I have many close friends who will be praying for me and for Sherry.

So, do me a favor. I am being very selfish. Say a prayer for me as I prepare for Mark Sutton and I to lead a Conquering Depression Seminar on Saturday November 17th (For more info check out this link) and as I prepare to bring the sermon on the Sunday after Thanksgiving at Brookwood Baptist Church (I’ve never preached an entire sermon before — just team preached with Mark Sutton and Mike Smith) and then remember my family and me, of course, as I face surgery in Dallas on December 4th.

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