Shocking Reviews!

Okay, I’m guilty of neglect.

I was working on my Author’s Page on Amazon this morning because of some confusion from people trying to order “The Homecoming Tree”. It seems there are entities out there who purchase the book and then sell it second hand and for some reason, when you search for the book, THEIR listing comes above my own!

Anyway, while reviewing my settings I stumbled across the REVIEW page that lists all of the reviews for all of my books. Honestly, I have such a poor self image from my childhood, I have avoided reading the Reviews. I was afraid of what they might say.

But, let me put this as kindly and as humbly as possible, THANK YOU for all of the reviews, both positive and negative. I was truly humbled that anyone would choose to read something that poured out my imagination onto the written page. THANK YOU all!

You can check out the reviews at this link.

I am currently working on two books. First, I hope to finish “The 8th Demon: A Wicked Numinosity” by the fall. Second, I am putting together the first book in my science fiction trilogy, “The Node of God” and hope to have it available by the end of the year.

Also, Mark Sutton and I are working on a book about the lies of culture. And, I am outlining the sequel to “The Homecoming Tree” — “The Homecoming Prayer”.

To order my books please go directly to my Author page at this link. If you would like to order books directly from me as some of the print versions can only be ordered through me, go to this link.

If you are interested in our depression book, go to this link.

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  1. After reading how you avoided reading your reviews, I felt compelled to leave you a review here…

    I started reading your Jonathon Steel Chronicles last week. I was bored with my regular reading materials and had even stopped reading a well known author after three chapters into the book. His material, in this specific book, was drawn out and had bored me.

    I was perusing through the book piles at a discount department store and came across a neatly stacked pile of dark covered books. On the top was The 13th Demon, underneath was a dozen books entitled The 12th Demon. These two titles intrigued me, after reading the back of each book jacket, the books found their way into my cart.

    When I got home that afternoon, I made a nice cool glass of iced tea and headed out to my back deck so my dogs could play in the warmth of the sunny day that finally blessed the rainy state of Ohio.

    Several hours later, I finally looked up from the book in hand to see my dogs staring at me because it was their dinner time. I was so caught up in the fast pace of the book, wanting to know what was going to happen next; was Summer part of the demon plot, was Claire going to die from her disease during the plan to “clean” the church and was Josh going to get himself killed? Not to mention, who is Jonathan…really…

    I began reading The 13th Demon today. I have ordered the next book.

    I am a fan. I will continue to read the rest of the series, as well as other books that you write. You are a fabulous writer with the talent to hold the reader captive. I also enjoy the christian messages you intertwine within the text, they are well placed.

    Please continue to write. I really enjoy your books thus far and I have posted as such to my friends on Facebook.



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