Numinous 2020

It’s been a long time since I have posted a blog. At the end of every year, you hope and pray the next year will start off well. Such has not been the case in our situation. We have had some real health challenges in our family. Thankfully, none have involved my personal health but these challenges have occupied everyone’s time. Life keeps on happening!

In the midst of all of this, I have managed to launch a new publishing imprint, Hope Again Books with my co-founder Mark Sutton. We have released three books since September: Hope Again: A Lifetime Plan for Conquering Depression, Pitfall by Mark Sutton, and All Have Sinned by Marcus Buckley.

Sorry, but those three books are all we can handle right now so don’t start sending me manuscripts. I will just send them back. Turns out running a publishing company is a LOT of work and has taken me away from finishing the next Jonathan Steel book which I had originally planned to release last October.

But, things are moving along well with family health issues but I still covet your prayers. I also have friends and colleagues with significant prayer needs. I think God has started a new journal just to keep track of my prayers!

So, I wanted to update all my readers. Today at 3PM CDT I finished the rough draft of my next novel, “The 8th Demon: A Wicked Numinosity” and I am planning on having it released by mid May. It is running at 115000 words right now so it will be a long one but I promise it will begin to answer lots of questions from the past 5 novels and begins to set the stage for the eventual end of the story of Jonathan Steel versus the Dark Council.

I am also planning on doing my best to release a new trilogy by this fall called “The Node of God” which I have hinted at in previous books. And, I am writing the rough draft of a sequel to “The Homecoming Tree”.

And, Mark Sutton and I are working on our next Hope Again Books release tentatively entitled “What is the Lie?”

So, if everyone’s health cooperates and if things go well in the coming months, I will be back on track with my writing. So, be patient.

I want to thank all my readers for their questions about upcoming books. I am so THANKFUL for each and every one of you keeping the flame alive for the story of Jonathan Steel. God willing I will finish the series in the next three years. In fact, the next book in the series is already in its infancy and the tentative title is “The Unholy Trinity: A Tale of Three Demons” and we will see Jonathan Steel’s new found faith and sense of purpose sorely tested!

In the meantime, know that I continually pray for anyone who reads our books. There is one thing I am certain of. If it were not for my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ and God’s continual hand on us during the past few months of health issues, we would never have made it. I thank God for being there every minute of every hour of our ordeals. And, I thank him for the continuing and surprising ways in which He answers our prayers!

Now, let’s pause for a moment and remember everyone world wide who is now affected by the Coronavirus. Let us put aside our political differences and pray for the leaders of our country, our states, and our cities as we face this pandemic here in our own country. It is not time for panic or finger pointing. It is time for compassion and common sense. Let’s embrace both.

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