Weigh Your Heart!

I was very depressed trying to watch a Hulu show, “The Patient”. If you made it through the entire series you know why. Dark, depressing, hopeless, filled with despair and the most subtly violent murders I’ve ever witnessed. I wanted to chain myself to a dark, basement bedroom floor by the end of the thing!

And watching the first part of that series changed my approach to writing. I’ve been working on the next two demons in my Chronicles of Jonathan Steel trying my best to keep them in separate books. That didn’t happen. The story of the 4th demon is so intertwined with the 3rd demon I had to combine the books for one LONG book. It will cost a bit more but that is because of the added cost of printing and producing the book by my distributor, Ingram.

Coming to the end of Jonathan Steel’s story took me into some really dark places. I wanted Steel to suffer much like Job before coming out of the valley of the shadow of death. Because of that desire, portions of this book were very dark and much too violent. I only realized this after I watched that ill fated series on Hulu. In case you haven’t noticed, our society, our culture is horribly divided and filled with hatred and rage. Witness the most popular streaming shows lately about real life serial killers and moving toward glorifying cannibalism! I couldn’t go there so I had to go back and re-edit the book.

Speaking of editing, I have received emails about the typos and errors in my previous books. I changed the way I approach my editing and use a more professional method. My latest book, “Shadow Merchant” had few errors so I hope this book will be as free of errors as possible. I have submitted it to an editorial process. Then I went through the manuscript again about two dozen times and each time found more small errors. I recently read a book by one of my favorite authors, a best selling author with over two dozen books in one series with a major publishing house. The book had about a half dozen errors. In fact, each book I’ve read in the past year has had errors. Even the biggest and the brightest publishers still have errors. I attribute it to the failure of many of us to adhere to good grammar. Texting has ruined us! If it weren’t for spell checking, we would never get anything spelled correctly.

Now, on to the good stuff. First, there is a new website that features all the books published by Hope Again Books and 613media. Check out http://www.hopeagainbooks.com for access to these books. My two fellow authors, Mark Sutton and Marcus Buckley have exciting books available for your holiday shopping!

Now, the latest book featuring Jonathan Steel is filled with reveals of his past. Most of the breadcrumbs I have left behind in all of the books lead to the back story of Jonathan Steel and how he became who he is. Yes, he recovers his memory when he revisits the details of the trial of the murderer of his mother when he was fifteen. That’s all I will reveal for now. It is a long story and I hope you enjoy it for the holidays. And, beyond. It will release on December 1!

Just be prepared to “Weigh Your Heart”!

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