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A Simple Request for Prayer

I haven’t written very many blogs in the past two weeks. It is because my family is in crisis mode. Wait! We always seem to be in crisis mode! But, this latest crisis (following on the heels of a recent prostate cancer scare)involves aging parents.


My father passed away in October, 2012 at the age of 98. I have written a number of posts about my father but I have never really shared much about the ordeal of becoming a parent to my parent. My father had his mind up until the week he died. Unfortunately, a lack of senility did NOT keep him from becoming childish. Our roles reversed and the last three years of his life were extremely stressful on me and on my two sisters. Nevertheless, I was grateful to have had my father with us for so long. He sang at his own funeral!


Now, my wife is having to make some very difficult decisions about her mother who lives with us. The caretaking is now taking a toll on my wife’s health. Someday, I am going to write a book about this adventure. It seems that more and more of middle age adults are having to care for their ailing parents. We are living much longer than ever and that is not about to change! Where are the manuals on how to care for an aging parent who is living into their 90’s? They can’t all be as spunky as Betty White!


So, a simple post today. Pray for my family and the very difficult decisions we are making. Pray for your own family for you may be facing a similar situation now or in the future.


On a happy note, I did receive an email this week about a new book contract this is all but a done deal! More work for me to do as an author and I’m loving it!

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