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Blinded By the Light

Another chapter in my upcoming booklet, “Our Darkness, His Light”. See yesterday’s post for more information on this upcoming booklet. Today, we meet the young man healed of his blindness by Jesus.




Based on John 9



“Can you stand here before the High Court of God and expect us to believe you?  Do not lie to Caiaphus, the high priest.”   Caiaphus spat the words at him.

Simeon was still amazed by the color red.  He saw it now in the old priest’s cheeks.  They glowed with anger.  Simeon resisted the urge to reach out his hands to touch those hot spots, to feel the heat he had never seen before this day.

“We don’t believe you, boy!”   The great, hulking figure backed away slowly, turning to survey a group of men dressed in black and white.  Black and white.  Black Simeon understood.  That was all he had “seen” his entire life.  White was new.  It didn’t seem to fit these men and their coarse, cruel words.

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