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The Coin

The third entry from my upcoming booklet “Our Darkness, His Light”. Whatever happened to the rich young ruler who went away sorrowful after Jesus told him to sell everything and give it all to the poor. This is what may have happened.



Luke 18:22


Sunlight scattered off the coins as Abram let the golden disks cascade from one hand to the other.  Normally, the sensation brought him joy.  But, since his encounter with Jesus of Nazareth, his desire for the feel of the coins had diminished.

“Give it all away?”  He muttered, dropping all but one of the coins in his tunic.  “The man is insane!  I can’t give it all away!”

He shook his head as he walked along the rows of beggars inside the temple, his eyes roving over the groveling figures.  He came to the spot closest to the Pool of Siloam.  The bent and deformed figure crouching in the dust was a stranger.

“Where is Simeon?”

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