ResAliens — A Website Review Day 3

On the final day of a review of ResAliens, I wanted to review the short story, “Snow Angels”. The reason I chose this story is the profound difference between this story and “Some Assembly Required”. Where that story was strong, classic science fiction, “Snow Angels” is a scary thriller.


“Snow Angels” by Joanne Galbraith is one of those creepy otherworldly thrillers that features possible ghosts or possible real world killers. You have to figure out which. Emma is trying to recover from the accidental death of her husband. As the story begins, her daughter Marley sees someone out in the back yard making snow angels just like her father used to make. Emma, fearing they have a peeping tom, contacts her sister and the police. The incidents escalate and finally, someone enters the house. I do not want to reveal any more details. You simply must read the story to find out what is really going on.


STRENGTHS:  I really liked this story and the creeping terror that builds as Emma tries to decide if she is losing her mind or if her dead husband really is trying to communicate to them from the other side of the grave. The tension builds slowly and tightly, well written and well paced. The characters are interesting and engaging and well developed.


The developing mystery of the visitor at the window is handled very adroitly and I didn’t see the ending coming at all. It is a testimony to good writing that the ending was not contrived and flowed out of the strength of the story. I really liked “Snow Angels” and I highly recommend it. After you read it, you may not want to look out your back window late at night.


The spiritual element was well handled and comforting and reassuring. God is indeed watching over us!


WEAKNESSES:  If there is a weakness it might be in the question if God would allow someone to come back from the dead to warn loved ones of impending doom. Or, if the dead can truly perform miracles. But, in the context of this story and in the context of this website, this is a minor quibble.


I have really enjoyed this website. I look forward to exploring the past stories and rediscovering a world of good storytelling in the science fiction and thriller genre. I highly recommend the website.

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  1. An excellent series of posts, Bruce. I’m so happy the tour made it possible for you to discover ResAliens. I hope a good number of your visitors take the plunge, too.



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