The Final Summit — A Book Review

“The Final Summit”

By Andy Andrews

Thomas Nelson

God is no longer playing around and He is angry. David Ponder, successful businessman and philanthropist now holds the fate of humanity in his hands. Gabriel visits David Ponder on the day Ponder’s world is falling apart and informs him that he is in charge of a Final Summit of the greatest thinkers and leaders of history to determine the answer to one question. If these “Travelers” can answer the question successfully, then humanity will continue. If not, well it’s the flood all over again!

“The Final Summit” is a book of ideas. It is also a novel rich with fascinating characters from throughout history brought together to wrestle with this question: What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization? And the answer is only two words!

David Ponder has met Travelers before. He received from seven great historical figures the Seven Decisions for Success and turned his failed life into a life of not only financial success, but a life of helping those around him in need. Now, his wife has passed away in her sleep leaving him alone and without a plan for the rest of his life. It is into this despair that Gabriel returns with a new challenge. Ponder is to lead the Final Summit and oversee hundreds of famous figures from history to answer the ultimate question for humanity. Ponder, understandably, is dismayed that he is chosen to lead such a meeting. But, he accepts the challenge.

In a time and place of undetermined location, Ponder meets with his co-chairman, Winston Churchill and soon, five other Travelers chosen by Gabriel at God’s direction, sit at the summit table to answer the question. Time is of the essence and a great hourglass shows the passing minutes.

This novel is fascinating! It is, at first, an entertaining story where the reader gets to meet many famous historical figures, some well known, others obscure. Just to read the exchanges between Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln are worth reading the book alone. But, the novel serves not only to entertain but to inform.

How would you answer this question? What is the ultimate answer to today’s social dilemmas? Be courageous? Have wisdom? Bring hope? I will not spoil the deliberations of this august panel of famous people. Read the book and ponder on the merits of each answer. There are five successive answers, all of which are almost right. But, there is only one right answer.

I found “The Final Summit” refreshing, exciting, and a wonderful read. It is worth reading and re-reading just for the wisdom of each chapter. There are more good ideas and suggestions in this one book than a dozen inspirational books. I highly recommend it!

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