I Want to Meet YOU at a Book Signing!

Book Signings.

Are they a thing of the past?

With all the emphasis on ebooks, one would think no one goes to a book store anymore.

Check out my take on that on my recent blog post over on Just the Write Charisma author blog.

Now, here’s the deal. I want to do book signings. My book comes out in October and I am planning a three week book tour. So, I want to come to a store in YOUR area. But, I need help and I need it FAST.

If you would like to get a signed copy of my new book, “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye” go to your nearest bookstore and give them this webpage address (www.brucehennigan.com)  and tell them you want me to come and do a book signing.


Because I will do MORE than just sign books:

  1. I will talk, at the book store’s request, on How To Get Published.
  2. I can talk, at the book store’s request, on God Versus Science: The Playing Field Today
  3. I can talk, at the book store’s request, on Powers of Darkness: Are Demons Real?
  4. I can talk, at the book store’s request, on Publishing Today: Traditional, Self Publishing, or Ebooks. What is right for you?
  5. I can read excerpts from my book.
  6. I will bring lots of tiny, fun giveaways.
  7. I am a people person and I want to meet YOU.

So, I need YOUR Help. Call, email, visit your local bookstore TODAY and ask them to contact me for a possible book signing. I want to meet YOU.

About Bruce Hennigan

Published novelist, dramatist, apologist, and physician.

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