Jonathan Steel — An Angry Man!

I dug up this video transcript of Jonathan Steel, main character in “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye”. Check it out below.


Nancy Neon Interview

Local Television Station


Raw video footage was viewed and transcribed for archival purposes.


Initial footage revealed the crew getting ready for Nancy Neon’s interview of Jonathan Steel. Mr. Steel was escorted to his chair. Please note he has several fresh scars on his forehead and his hair appears to be singed by a fire. He refused, at first, to remove his sunglasses until confronted with the fact that the lights were reflected from the mirrored surfaces. Nancy Neon was escorted to her chair, wearing her usual hot pink pantsuit and lime green scarf. Note to make up: Try and convince Ms. Neon not to use the violet red rinse on her hair. The video editor is having trouble in postproduction with color bleed.


NANCY:         Good morning, Mr. Steel. I’m Nancy Neon.


STEEL:           Good morning.


NANCY:         Now, as we agreed, I will ask you only those questions you have approved. So, you can just relax.


STEEL:           I never relax.


NANCY:         I’ve noticed.


STEEL:           Where do I look?


NANCY:         Just look at me. Don’t worry about the camera. That’s why we had to take your sunglasses. The reflection was blinding me. And, we want the world to see those beautiful, turquoise eyes of yours. Are you ready?


STEEL:           I guess so. This wasn’t a good idea.


NANCY:         Nonsense, Mr. Steel. From what I’ve heard from the people in Lakeside, you need to tell your story to the world. Oh, we’re about to begin.


(To Camera) Hello, Shreveport and Bossier City, this is Nancy Neon with today’s episode of “What’s Eating You?” where we ask the good people of the Arklatex what’s on their minds. Today, we have a very special treat. I have with me in the studio a man who single handedly saved the community of Lakeside, that sleepy little hamlet on the north side of our fair city of Shreveport.


STEEL:           Not true.


NANCY:         Excuse me?


STEEL:           It wasn’t single-handed. I had help.


NANCY:         That’s nice. Mr. Steel you just let me ask the questions and our viewers will be all excited by what they hear. And, don’t worry; we’ll edit out this part in the final piece. Now, Mr. Steel, you’re a private investigator, right?


STEEL:           No.


NANCY:         But, I thought you came to Lakeside at the request of Reverend Thomas Parker because of some mysterious goings on at his church?


STEEL:           Yes.


NANCY:         So, if you’re not a private investigator, just what are you?


STEEL:           Someone who helps others.


NANCY:         Oh, isn’t that cute! In fact, viewers, I have one of Mr. Steel’s business cards right here. Listen to what it says on one side. “A helper in time of need.” That is so sweet.


STEEL:           I’m not sweet.


NANCY:         I bet you’re not! So, why do you help people?


STEEL:           I made a promise.


NANCY:         Oh? To who? Or, should I say, whom?


STEEL:           I’m not talking about that. You said we would keep my private life out of this.


NANCY:         Very well, Mr. Steel. Do you carry a gun?


STEEL:           No.


NANCY:         Do you practice martial arts?


STEEL:           I don’t know.


NANCY:         You don’t know? That’s an odd question.


STEEL:           I have a problem with my memory. Can we get on with this?


NANCY:         I understand you have a problem with your anger, too. In fact, you assaulted an officer of the law . . .


STEEL:           We agreed not to talk about this.


NANCY:         Oooo, Mr. Steel. You’re face is turning a nice shade of red and you’re making fists. You’re not going to hit me, are you?


STEEL:           No.


NANCY:         Now, let’s move on while you try and calm down. I understand that one of the people, someone very special to you came to help out with these incidents in Lakeside suffered . . .


STEEL:           I told you I wasn’t going to discuss her! Look, I’m out of here!


NANCY:         Mr. Steel, you agreed to this interview. Now, sit down!


STEEL:           I agreed to talk about the positive outcome. You just want the dirt. Get it from somewhere else.


NANCY:         Oh, I will. I’ll contact that FBI agent who followed you to Lakeside. What was his name?


STEEL:           How do I get this microphone off me?


NANCY:         Or, what about this man convicted of murder you were associating with? What was his name? Some local doctor?


STEEL:           Do you guys want to take this off me or do you want me to rip it off?


NANCY:         And, what was all this about demons? Devils? Evil spirits? And this number 13 you seem so obsessed with?


STEEL:           I’m leaving.


Jonathan Steel ripped off the microphone and stormed off the set leaving Nancy Neon sitting alone in the studio.


Book 1 of the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel, The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye will be released by Realms Books in October, 2011.

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