12th Demon?

Many are asking about the 12th Demon. On Amazon you can still find copies of my self published second book in the series, “The 12th Demon: Vampyre Majick”. This book has been PULLED from publication and has been substantially rewritten and will be released by Realms in October, 2012.

The order of the books will be in decreasing numbers, e.g., from 13 down to 1. The higher the number, the earlier the book in the series. Also, you may find copies of “The 13th Demon” with a blue cover from iUniverse costing over $25. DO NOT buy these books. They are supposed to be off the market and the new version from Realms is the authorized, revised version.

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  1. Dang it, and I really loved thecover of Vampyre Majick and was seriously interested in checking out the story (been into vamps since long before the Ann Rice movies).


    • Well, go ahead and read the book but read 13th demon first. Just realize there are only a few of those out there and the revised version will still have vampires in it. Lots of them and more frightening than in my old version. I have renamed the second book “The 12th Demon: Mark of the Wolf Dragon” and it will be out next October.


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