My Grown Up Christmas “Wish” List

To say my wishes came true in 2011 is a gross understatement. After struggling for 12 years to see my book “The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye” get published, Realms released that book on October 4, 2011 and I am SO grateful for a publisher willing to take risks; to think outside the box; to give me an opportunity to tell the story of my Savior and the spiritual warfare in which we are in the midst of.

One song I always hear this time of year is “My Grown Up Christmas Wish”. I decided to make out a “grown up Christmas wish” list. After all, the best Christmas present for 2011 was seeing my book in print; seeing my wish come true. So, why not put some wishes to paper and, who knows, they might come true for 2012. My original post was on the Charisma blog.


I wish dating was about romance and respect for the other person and not about lust and sexual fulfillment.

I wish marriage was an institution worth fighting for; worth dying for; worth working for.

I wish being in love was less about “me” and more about “you”.

I wish people were recognized as unique, special individuals worthy of respect, consideration, and love.

I wish we would stop saying “it is what it is”. No! It is what what we make of it. One person can change the world!

I wish churches would get out of politics. Jesus said to “render unto Caesar that which is to Caesar and unto God that which is God”. Politics should involve the individual, not the corporate body of believers. We don’t choose our Leader. He chose us!

I wish we were rewarded for hard work, perseverance, and cleverness.

I wish I could still pick up a hitchhiker and not fear for my life.

I wish “they” would let Christmas be about Christmas. Stop trying to shoehorn other holidays into the season. It belongs to those who celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ! That is why it is called CHRISTmas!

I wish Superman still stood for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”. Heck, I wish the American “Way” still included Truth and Justice!

I wish it was still okay to be patriotic.

I wish there was still room in our inns for the baby in a manger.

I wish that what is true for me was true for everyone.

I wish God was/is God and not the guy looking back at me from the mirror.

I wish people knew what manners were.

I wish young people were encouraged to have ambition and not just pass standardized tests.

I wish we really cared about making the world a better place and not a bitter place.

I wish we worshipped a transcendent God and not our children.

I wish Tom Hanks were funny again.

I wish Jimmy Stewart was still alive.

I wish naiveté was the law of the land.

I wish entertainment and fun were real and not virtual.

I wish I could climb a tree, not have to save it.

I wish children could still have a childhood.

I wish doctors could make decisions about how to take care of patients.

I wish insurance companies really insured our safety and not the size of their bank accounts.

I wish protesters really had something worth protesting.

I wish friendships were real and not virtual.

I wish people would look me in the eye when they talk to me.

I wish science was my friend, not my enemy.

I wish Indiana Jones would find something worth looking for.

I wish I had a Hobbit hole.

I wish customer service meant serving the needs of the customer.

I wish a cup of coffee was cheaper than a drive through meal.

I wish networks wouldn’t create a series, end with a cliffhanger, and then cancel the series.

I wish I was LOST again!

I wish someone in Washington, D. C. would care enough to listen to me.

I wish flying was fun again.

I wish we had a space program.

I wish it was okay to be a man.

I wish it was okay to be a woman.

I wish pajamas were worn only at home.

I wish singers stayed on key.

I wish art made sense and didn’t involve body fluids.

I wish there were happy endings. Just a few. Every now and then. Especially when I pay for them.

I wish “tolerant” people were more tolerant of “intolerant” Christians.

I wish Disney still made animated classics.

I wish it was still okay to unleash your imagination.

I wish people searching for truth realized He has already been here and can still be found.

I wish fresh vegetables and fruits didn’t harbor disease.

I wish, just once, that someone wouldn’t be afraid to say “I was wrong” or “It’s my fault” or “I’m really sorry”.

I wish “time outs” would get timed out.

I wish parents wouldn’t bring their crying six month olds to a movie.

I wish popcorn, a soda, and a movie didn’t cost the equivalent of one day’s wage.

I wish food was real food and not 90% additives.

I wish there was no such thing as chicken puree.

I wish people would accept the consequences of their choices and stop blaming someone else.

I wish the buck stopped somewhere.

I wish people would stop talking to themselves in public.

I wish “smart” phones were only used by “smart” people.

I wish, just once, someone would keep a promise.

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  1. Hi Bruce, I got the notice of this post from Just the Write Charisma and decided to stop in and see what you’ve got going on. Congratulations on your book release.

    Absolutely love this post & I agree with your list. Quite a few made me chuckle with their accuracy. Thanks.


  2. Carole Hartfield

    I love your wishes, can relate to many of them.
    Merry Christmas!


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