You Just Ain’t Right!

For those of you checking out my blog for the first time from the Online Apologetics Conference, welcome! If you haven’t checked out the Online Apologetics Conference, today is the FREE day and you can go to this link to hear my presentation “CSI Golgotha: A Forensic Analysis of the Death of Jesus of Nazareth” and my friend, Mark Riser’s presentation “Why I am an Old Earth Creationist” at 1 PM and 135 PM respectively.

I met Elizabeth the first time I worked at one of the newest “sister” hospitals in the health care system in which I work as a radiologist. Elizabeth was “old school” and I am a bit dramatic and over the top at times. She rubbed me the wrong way the whole day and I just responded by being more and more absurd until at the end of the day she said she liked me (since then I have learned this is a huge compliment) and then said, “You just ain’t right!”

That sentiment has been echoed by most everyone who knows me well, including my wife. I thought for those of you who don’t know me and are new to my blog I would give you some links to some of my favorite posts to give you a little idea of who this Bruce Hennigan is. Let me say at the outset that I am a sinner saved by grace and I hate standing in the spotlight and EVERYTHING that has happened to me since I gave my life to Jesus at age 10 has been God’s plan, not mine. EVERYTIME I wander from His plan, he slaps me down and drags me back onto the right path. I’ve finally learned to keep my eyes on His will for my life and by the hardest I’ve learned to say “no” to the Good ideas so I can say “yes” to the God ideas.  A short story about my first encounter with death. There are three posts that recount my encounter with depression that led to a book co authored with Mark Sutton “Conquering Depression”. My view of God.  Are demons Real? Are angels real? My wish list for 2012. Best advice from my editor. Are Christians called to make a difference? Hanging on the wall — my Easter post for 2012.

Thanks for checking out my blog and consider my books. “The 13th Demon” would be a great summer read and you can read the reviews at the review tab. For more information on “Conquering Depression” go to the link.

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