If you received a post via email yesterday about the “Womb of Pain” please delete it. It has stirred up way too much controversy — more than I can handle right now and I probably shared more than I should have about my daughter’s illness even though she is okay with that. Thank you.



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  1. !Hola, Bruce’!

    I just read your post from yesterday. I haven’t completely absorbed everything you said (I ran out of Absorbine Junior – HA!). I find myself unable to (lack the capacity to?) fully understand or appreciate some of your thoughts, since my suffering has been different (different experiences, less intense, I guess).

    Controversial or not, I plan to keep your posting and to re-read it. There is too much good stuff there! There is truth to be gleaned and further thoughts to be considered.

    I will not burden you with questions/comments about the posting until a “better” time (whenever that may be)…


    Richard Kennard

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  2. Oh Mr. Henningan,

    My family found it inspirational, and we instantly started praying for your daughter. I am so sorry anyone is being Un-Christ like enough to give you distress over that really good post!
    One of my family members has shared it with their church group. I know someone right now how has been trying to decide to keep a baby or not. That was a very VERY good post, and I for one can’t be sorry that you wrote it! We are keeping your family in our prayers, and I am also one of those people who is glad my Mother listed to God instead of termination me.
    Carol 🙂


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