In the Womb of Pain

Removed because of too much controversy!

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  1. I believe in God but I also believe that abortion is a choice that needs to be made by an individual. I have two beautiful daughters, I also have bipolar, and after both pregnancies my condition worsened to the point that i couldn’t take care of myself, let alone my babies, luckily my husband picked up the slack but a lot of people don’t have a partner to back them up like i did. even though i used contraception i fell pregnant again and after much painstaking thought and introspection, decided that i would not be able to look after myself and my existing children if i went through another pregnancy, history proved that to me. so as much as it may seem extreme that a woman makes such a choice, you can never fully understand their circumstance without being a part of their life and their decision. I don’t regret what I did, i am sad for what could have been but my children i already had were my main priority and i had to be sure i was sane and able to look after them. the woman who aborted based on gender, it seems wrong instinctively, but we don’t know her situation, what if she was married to a man who would beat her if she produced a girl? what if he would beat the child for being the wrong gender, we can never know the full picture.


  2. Bruce! My “Graves Diseased” eyes were bothering me so much yesterday that I returned home late afternoon instead of attending a critical Circle of Honor meeting & going to Bible Study with John Harp which I have been enjoying so much… I was in a disappointed state of mind to say the least – feeling I had failed some younger women who were depending on me. Later in the evening when I checked emails & FB posts, I discovered your Word Press post, “Pain”… Because of my eye pain I was forced to stop reading before I reached the end…leaving it open on my I-Phone so I could complete your thought provoking, achingly honest piece in the morning. Thank Goodness that page was still open when I returned to it early this morning…as I was able to finish reading!!! Imagine my surprise when I re-read it & prepared to respond (as it touched me on so many levels) to discover it had been removed! Your words danced all around something I have contemplated & failed to put into succinct & viable written form to date. When I have attempted to express my “theory” in spoken words (Bible Studies/one-on-one conversations), I do so VERY cautiously…that suffering in our lives is unique “opportunity” to demonstrate to ourselves & observers God’s sufficient grace; but more, those who suffer most are in the unique position to be most greatly blessed by our Heavenly Father…honored even to be “chosen”! Talk about inflammatory words/thinking!! This is poorly expressed – always takes me much time & heavy thought to “dance around” this idea. I was so hoping to analyze your piece today – to respond to several particular points. IF there is a way for me to see a copy of that post I will be appreciative…in any case, I wanted you to know that I so agree with what you expressed there…& can only imagine at what cost to you emotionally.


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