I haven’t posted on my website in a while. It is because I’m working so hard on my other website, conqueringdepression.com. The release of our new book is just around the corner and I’ve been busy with social media and tweaking our blogs.

I just finished writing a scathing review of self-publishing companies and decided it was SO negative, I couldn’t go through with it. I’ll just say this. Self publishing companies make their money up front and if you fail, they still succeed. This is the win/lose scenario and many times we are the other end of that equation. So, beware.

I do have faithful readers waiting for book number 4 in the Jonathan Steel Chronicles. I plan on working on it in September and finishing up a re-edit now that I don’t have to worry about the word limits imposed on me in the first two books. But, I still don’t know how this fourth book will reach my readers. I am considering starting my own independent publishing endeavor. For what I’ve spent on self-publishing I could have released my next three books on my own with stellar independent editing and a killer book cover. So, don’t despair. You haven’t seen the end of Jonathan Steel. I’m just getting started on his story and the fourth book promises to up the stakes considerably!

For the next three weeks, check out our daily content at conqueringdepression.com.

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  1. I’m thrilled your getting to do so much with much needed depression help, but don’t give up on Johnathan Steele! I’m saving up $ and waiting to get the rest of this series! I’m in a group that helps self-publish, sans companies. Hopefully it will not be too hazardous! Meanwhile, I’m still praying over you and your family!

    Carol 🙂


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