Grimvox Intercept #12Alpha64 Iteration Beta



They found me wandering the corridors last time and put me in the “bubble” for 3 days. But, they didn’t find my secret computer link. What is the bubble? It’s attached to the outer skin of the space station and it is exactly what it sounds like. A clear bubble of thickened transparent material. When you are punished in the bubble, they take away your clothing and throw you into the bubble. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, there is no gravity. There is no protection against the radiation and light from outside. And, it gets down to freezing when the space station is behind the earth and away from the sun. You are never fed or given water for three days. And, there is no sanitation! Zero gravity and nowhere to put your waste! By the time you emerge, you are weak, starving, dehydrated and covered with your own body waste. It took me four days to recover.

I managed to find my way back to the hidden computer link today. I wanted to try and finish my story. Last time, I had been taken by the creatures and when I woke up . . .

I woke up lying on a cold, metal table. Glaring lights blinded me hovering above the table as if suspended in mid air. The rest of the chamber was in total darkness. I tried to sit up and found myself “stuck” to the table. I couldn’t move! The lights in my face died and a bright light burst forth from the darkness at the foot of the table. A shadowy figure moved into the light, casting a shadow over my body. I couldn’t tell much about the figure. It seemed to be wearing a white, flowing robe and the head was bare with no hair.

The figure halted and I could feel its eyes on me. Behind the figure the spindly, fly like creatures entered the cone of light and their reticulated shadows played over the table. I heard their jittering and vibrating and the air filled with the odor of rotting fruit. My thinking grew cloudy and the figure moved to stand beside the table. Now, the light illuminated its features.

The woman towered over me with an intense gaze from eyes the color of tiger skin. Her head was bare and covered with scattered brown spots. She reached out and touched a cold hand to my bare chest. I looked down and my tee shirt was gone. I was wearing only my underwear.

“I am so sorry, dear.” Her voice dripped with Southern charm. “Your abduction was a mistake. The master was looking for someone else. Too bad you saw the master’s helpers. Now, what am I to do with you?”

She traced a line across my chest with a fingernail and my skin tightened with goose flesh. She looked upward and gestured to the ceiling. “I could release the probe on you. Should I?”

Above her, something moved in the dark shadows of the ceiling and a fleshy stalk entered the cone of light. At its end, a huge bulbous blood shot eye swiveled as it studied my body. I wanted to scream; I wanted to turn my head; shut my eyes but the rotten fruit gas had me paralyzed. The eye dropped down even with my face and it swiveled and turned in a ghastly, inhuman way.

“No!” the woman said and shoved the eye away. “I think you will be better as a servant on the my master’s space station. No need to waste good, warm flesh.” The eye glared at her and retreated into the darkness above the table. The woman touched a bracelet on her left wrist and the gas receded. The gripping force of the table lessened.

“Now you will be taken to your new home and don’t try anything stupid.” She smiled.

I sat up slowly and nodded as the terror lessened and my heart slowed. I had no intention of letting her take me anywhere. “Of course.” I whispered. I shoved her back into the shadows and hopped off the table. I ran into the darkness away from the cone of light and slammed into a metal wall. The pain lanced through my chest and shoulders and I hurried along the curved wall in total darkness until I fell through an opening.

Lights burst on around me and I was in a curving copper plated corridor. I tasted blood from the bruises forming on my face and turned right, hurrying down the corridor. Another door opened to my left and I stumbled into a room that defied reality. It could have been a posh, 1960’s bachelor pad complete with Naugahyde couches and bright colors. But, the sight that riveted me was the huge window looking out onto empty space. Stars gleamed in a dark sky and in the distance, a golden object neared. The space station? I was in space?

I felt the touch of the hands of one of the creatures and I no longer cared. This was too much for my mind to accept. I fell back into their cold, spindly hands and their horrid faces eclipsed the view of outer space and I descended into welcome darkness and oblivion.

I must stop here. I will not make the mistake I did last time. I will not spend three days in the bubble again. Just know that I need help. And, I fear the Earth itself is in danger. Please, please do what you can to find Jonathan Steel and give him this message. I need his help and so do you!


“The 10th Demon: Children of the Bloodstone” coming soon!!!!

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