Grimvox Intercept #12Alpha64 Iteration Gamma


I’m floating in space wearing a white space suit attached to a tether. I should be excited beyond words. I was in space hovering over the most beautiful sight in the solar system, my planet. But, instead, I am fearful I may not live through the next thirty minutes. My job is simple. These spindly creatures are assembling some kind of huge, transparent sphere that will sit atop the space station. Imagine a giant transparent spherical egg sitting in the golden Eagle’s Nest. That’s what the space station is called. My job is to hang here by tether a hundred yards above the apex of the sphere and block any stray pieces that may break lose during the assembly process. Not to worry that a huge chunk of that sphere might sever my tether and send me sailing off into space like that astronaut from the movie Gravity. So, I am praying these creatures know what they are doing.

The advantage for me is that I have access to a suit computer that I have linked surreptitiously to my hidden laptop. I can compose this short entry and send it back to Earth hopefully before I become the Earth’s newest living satellite!

Last time I told you about my abduction and my attempt to escape from the ship. When I awoke I was being taken aboard this space station. How they keep it hidden from Earth is beyond me but I am sure it involves some kind of supernatural power. I sense the overwhelming presence of evil al around me. The station itself is golden and shaped like the outer rim of a huge bird’s nest. Only it has a smooth surface dotted with ports and transparent tubes connecting the ring to that sphere they are building. And, another disc shaped chamber on the underside of the open ring of the station. I’ve counted six levels around the ring. I’ve seen quite a few inhabitants wearing lavender one piece suits. There are about a dozen of us in white jump suits. I guess we are the slave labor kidnapped from Earth. Not sure what will become of us.

I was taken from the ship through a transparent tube attached to the station. I was put in a small room by the creatures. They have some kind of gun that paralyzes you. Once in the room, there was a snarky video playing on the one screen on the inner wall. The bald woman I had seen on the ship welcomed me to the Eagle’s Nest. I was instructed to shower and put on a jumpsuit and wait for further instructions. I was told if I spoke to any of my fellow workers, I would be punished. Later on, it was this violation that introduced me to the “bubble”!

My room is small about seven by ten feet with a hard slab for a bed and a toilet in the corner. Yes, there is gravity and yet the station is not moving. Not sure how the artificial gravity is generated. A small stall off the room contained a conventional shower about the size of the kind you would find on a cruise ship. I followed the instructions mainly because I was nasty and tired and taking a shower and dressing were normal activities in the midst of this insanity.

After an hour, the view screen spoke to me again. The strange bald lady told me to come down the corridor to the common room for food. I waited until my door opened and found one of the creatures standing just out of sight to my right holding one of those paralyzing guns. I went to the left. Along the way, six other people joined me. Three men and three women. A woman spoke to me, her face filled with anguish and fear.

“What is going on? Can you help me?”

The gun fired from behind me and she froze. The creature behind us prompted us on down the corridor while they took the paralyzed woman away down the other direction. What would become of her? Later, I learned she was taken to the bubble. I never saw her again. The rest of us moved on in silence, gazes turned down toward the white floor. We were directed into a large room on the edge of the station with windows looking out onto space. In the far distance I saw something huge and copper colored hanging in the night sky. Some kind of satellite?

We sat at metal tables and two white clad people appeared from an adjacent chamber. They bore boxes on trays. They reminded me of take out boxes only these were made of plastic, not styrofoam.

A box was set in front of each of us. On the top of the box one word appeared, “EAT”. When I opened the box I was stunned at what I saw and . . .

Oh, my! One of the sphere’s pieces has broken lose. It’s coming right for me . . . Get help now! Find Jonathan Steel. Plea . . . .


Information about the image used above can be found at this link. By Victor Habbick.

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