There’s a New Book for Depression!

I simply couldn’t believe the email I had just received. My author representative from B&H Publishing informed me:

“Hello Bruce, so sorry for the late response. Your title Hope Again is actually out of print and B & H does not have any plans to take this to a Print On Demand Product. With that being said, since the book is co Authored, we will need written request from you and Mark Sutton to revert the rights to you. Please forward that request or any questions you may have to your Author Care Specialist at email below. Let me know if you have any questions.

Blessings to you

Person’s Name Deleted
Author Care Specialist”

I had simply asked to order more of our book, “Hope Again: A 30 Day Plan for Conquering Depression” for an upcoming seminar only to discover our book was no longer in print! No one had bothered to inform us of this! When I kindly complained about this we got this response:

Good morning Bruce;

I sincerely apologize that you are just now finding out that HOPE AGAIN is going out of print. Because of this instance, I am working with some on our team to evaluate our process to make sure issues like this do not happen.

It has been a privilege for B&H Publishing Group to partner with you on HOPE AGAIN. Because of our publishing partnership, many lives have been touched, and much good for the kingdom has been accomplished. With much regret B&H will no longer print this title, and the print edition will soon be declared Out of Print, the ebook, however, is still available. Unfortunately, we have recently run out of inventory on this title.”

Talk about discouraging! I had been through this once before when Charisma Media had sent me a simple email telling me that after my second book with them, I would be “released from your five book contract”. No phone call. No formal notification. No warning!

Welcome to the world of modern publishing!

I immediately called my co-author Mark Sutton and we talked briefly about what a good run we had experienced with both depression books since the publication of “Conquering Depression” in 2001. What next? We decided to focus on our new book idea on lies of culture and I hung up from Mark to go have my pity party.

Only a few hours later I was checking my email again and found this:

“Thank you for changing my life and for the tools provided to continue life. I was very close to giving up, your book made me change my mind and fight the darkness, with God’s help, forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
L. M., South Africa”

Tears sprang to my eyes. Someone in South Africa had somehow gotten our book and it had saved her life! I contacted Mark again after forwarding the email and told him we couldn’t let this book die! It was still helping people. So, I proposed we ignore the traditional publishers and get our book rights back and update the book and publish it ourselves. He enthusiastically agreed. That was on May 15, 2019.

This pass week, September 15th, Mark Sutton’s birthday, we launched our newest updated book on depression: “Hope Again: A Lifetime Plan for Conquering Depression”. Our other two books took two years to reach our readers. We had turned this book around in only 3 months!

And, now, you can get a copy of this newly updated book.

What is new?

Mark has updated new stories and illustrations. I have updated newly discovered scientific facts about depression. There is a new section on our current “digital” generation, our teens and preteens who are experiencing one of the highest rates of depression and suicide ever in modern America. And, I have added two new chapters on truth and its loss in today’s culture.

We truly believe readers who are suffering from depression or who love someone suffering from depression will benefit from this new information. We have preserved the thirty day format and the LifeFilters but about 40% of the material is brand new.

You can go to our website, to order books and LifeFilters from us. But, if you desire to order ebooks or print copes from the conventional suppliers here are the links:

For Apple Books

For Amazon: Ebook and Print

For Barnes & Noble: Print and Nook


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