Holiday Update

As we move into the holiday season I want to remind everyone of a book that would make one of the best holiday presents. “The Homecoming Tree” is set in Shreveport, Louisiana at the beginning of World War II and features a powerful and moving story of a young boy coming of age and a man who has lost touch with his morality. Filled with historical references of northwest Louisiana’s involvement with the war effort, this story will not only educate readers but will entertain readers. Let me just say if you like “It’s A Wonderful Life”, the movie, you will like “The Homecoming Tree”.

So, check out the “Books” tab on how to get your hands on the ebook or the printed book. And, stay in touch as Mark Sutton and I are planning a book signing before the end of the year when he releases his new fiction book, “Pitfall, Book One: Angel Wars”. More on that soon!

Now, an update on the next Jonathan Steel book. I had hoped to release this book by year’s end BUT when Mark Sutton and I decided way back in May to update our depression book to its third edition, “The 8th Demon: A Wicked Numinosity” got bumped to the spring of 2020. So, be patient.

In the meantime, the holiday season sees depression rearing its ugly head. Just this week, I learned of a dear friend’s relative who chose to end his life! Suicide is at an all time high in our culture and is the second leading cause of death among young adults and teenagers. Last week I had the opportunity to speak to Chan Hearron’s senior high school class on “What Does It Mean to Be Human”. Some of the students, the ones who could stay awake since the talk was right after lunch, were shocked at the information I shared with them. Our culture has now abandoned “objective truth” and the idea that humans are unique and exceptional. We no longer regard the fact that human beings are made in the image of God. How can we when our culture no longer believes in God or the Bible? You can find out more about this at this link.

Thursday night of last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at an evening event sponsored by Laveer Wealth Management thanks to an invitation from my personal financial manger, Kevin Murphy. I was on of four speakers who addressed challenges we will face as we consider retirement and after we retire. I had the opportunity to discuss some strategies in staving off the advance of depression. Afterwards, Sherry and I met so many people, some of them dear friends, at my book table. We had so many in line we couldn’t greet them all. Thank you again for the support!

I will write a separate post on my surreal experience this past Sunday at First Baptist Orlando. What an amazing experience.

So, put the Halloween candy away before it goes stale, watch your blood sugar, get out and walk a little bit as we prepare for the feast of holidays ahead. And, if you are beginning to feel a little down, get help! Check out our book, “Hope Again: A Lifetime Plan for Conquering Depression” at our website,

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