First Orlando Book Signing

First Baptist Church of Orlando is a large church; a large campus; a large membership; and a pastor with a large heart. This shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s a Louisiana boy!

Mark Sutton called me about two weeks ago and wanted to know if I could be in Orlando on Sunday, October 28th. I had a full schedule the week before that Sunday. I had a doctor’s visit on Monday, a Reason to Believe Chapter meeting Tuesday, a speaking engagement for my friend Chan Hearron to his high school senior class Wednesday afternoon, my radiology practice meeting Wednesday night, a speaking engagement for Laveer Financial Management meeting to over 100 people Thursday night . . . AND we were driving to Dallas Friday morning to meet with my son and his wife and their two foster children for a long weekend of fun and grand parenting (and Aunting for Casey). Whew! And, somehow, I was to magically appear in Orlando on Sunday morning!!!!

Well, the Lord knows what is happening in our lives. Turns out I could fly nonstop from Love Field Saturday afternoon from Dallas to Orlando nonstop and then fly back to Dallas Sunday afternoon and we could drive home to Shreveport Sunday night.

You see, the pastor of FBO, David Uth wanted to feature our book during his sermon on Jonah in the three worship services Sunday morning and the Monday night service. And, wanted us to have a book signing with the church based book store, Long’s book store selling our newest depression book and LifeFilters. I couldn’t possibly pass up that opportunity to touch so many lives! You see, I knew that the cost of flying in and staying at a motel would more than offset any profit we would make off the books. But, it’s not about the profit for Mark Sutton and for me. We have watched our book make its way around the world since the first book appeared in February 2001 and change people’s lives. In all of that time, we have made a very meager, and I do mean meager profit. Let’s just say we never gave up our day jobs! The point is the books we wrote saved lives. People emailed us constantly saying how the book was their life ring in a sea of depression leading to suicide. Wow! How can you wrap your brain around that.

And so, there I sat in the second row during the 830 service, shell shocked, jet lagged, sleepy, stiff jointed but exuberant as Pastor David Uth talked about our book. Surreal doesn’t even come close to describing the moment. Mark and Donna Sutton had been on staff at FBO for a while so it was a homecoming of sorts. For me, it was a dream come true. Even when in the second service, the senior assistant pastor called me George. Call me whatever you want!

And, the response. Oh my! Story after story after story as people of all ages and ethnic background came and purchased our book. We had 140 books and sold almost all of them between all four services. What a blessing to be able to help people in such desperate straits. I should know because I was there so many years ago. I watched in amazement as Mark Sutton ministered to people; talking earnestly to them; praying with them; promising to pray for them by name. Again, it was more than surreal for me!

So, thank you Pastor Uth for inviting us. What a wonderful opportunity to share how God helped us through our depression with so many hurting people.

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  1. Are you going to finish the Jonarhan Steel series?Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    • Definitely. I am knee deep into the 8th Demon and have the next book already outlined. The last three books in the series are already written in rough draft because I always wanted to know where I was going with the overall meta-story. And, I am working on a spin off “The Node of God” which is more a science fiction/fantasy feel to it. And, if I live long enough, Jonathan Steel will have a series AFTER the demon series for which I’ve already planned three books. Just not enough time to write it all down!!!


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