Books for Christmas 2020

Don’t forget my book “The Homecoming Tree” about a family surviving the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas 1941 when the father, Frank Collinsworth, was at the attack on Pearl Harbor. Will he come home for Christmas? This story makes for a moving and inspirational Christmas gift.

Also, my latest Jonathan Steel book is out, “The 8th Demon: A Wicked Numinosity”. Go to the Books Tab to order.

And now, I want announce my latest book, “Our Darkness, His Light”.

Who made room in the inn for a pregnant girl? Who asked Jesus about taxes? Who carved the bowl Jesus used to wash his disciples’ feet? Who owned the rooster that signaled to Peter his greatest failure?

“Our Darkness, His Light” is my latest book. The book tells the stories of the “ordinary” people who were suddenly and surprisingly thrust into the limelight as they played a part in the greatest Story ever told. These seemingly insignificant people swirled around the events of the life of the Prince of Peace from the crowded streets of Bethlehem to the empty tomb. Each person was an intended part of the Story – in their pain, their weakness, their failings, their flaws, their darkness. These ordinary people were a part of the Story God was unfolding, the nexus of redemption, the center of all of time and space coming into focus on the cross. Their darkness allowed the Light of Life to shine into the world — Jesus Christ.

Below are the links to purchasing both the print book and ebook. The Amazon site takes you to my author page. Order from there as some of the books listed under “search” are scams!!

At this time of the year when we celebrate the JOY of the Christ child, push away the darkness and the cold and immerse yourself in the ordinary people of the Greatest Story Ever Told!

Links to the printed book and ebook:

Amazon/Kindle : Note this link takes you to my Author’s page. Browse for either version and order from THIS page as doing a search will take you to sites where resellers have purchased copies and mark up the price!

Barnes and Noble/Nook

Kobo Reader

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