Second Week in New Zealand


Wellington from the ferry.


Sailboat on Queen Charlotte Sound


Ship’s Cove in the sound where Captain Cook landed on New Zealand and made his home there on return trips.


Sherry and Alex napping on the Mail Run boat.


The Mail Run is to deliver mail to homes around the sound without roads. This is a famous New Zealand author.


In Queen Charlotte Sound South Island




I have been unable to post for several days. The wifi is spotty at best and there are limits on uploads and downloads. We left Napier this past weekend and set out for the south island. Below are some photos of Wellington and the trip across Cook Strait to the south island where we landed at Picton. We set out on the “mail run”, a four hour boat trip through the coves and bays of Queen Charlotte Sound. Truly a wondrous site, I am already suffering from scenery overload. I’ll bring more notes on our trip later. I have a narrow window to post these photos. Oh, yes, we visited the WETA workshop in Wellington where all of the props for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie were made. I met Bilbo’s trolls while there.




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  1. Carole Hartfield

    What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.


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